My name is Justin Mulkin. In May of 2018 I received my Bachelor of Science in Game Programming. I've been an avid gamer since I received a Gameboy color as a gift when I was four years old. I have years of experience programming, with that experience covering Java, Python, C, C# and C++. I've worked on a wide berth of personal and school game related projects in proprietary frameworks, Unity, and Unreal Engine. Ultimately, my hope is to one day make games that impact people's lives as much as they did mine.

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My Hobbies...

  • Game Collector

  • Bass Guitar Player Enthusiast

  • Music Lover

  • Amateur Gearhead

  • Avid Magic the Gathering Player

  • Gunpla Builder

  • Part-time Dungeon Master

  • Sometimes Hiker

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