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Kingdom of Ashes


Kingdom of Ashes is a mobile game where you, the player, take control of a dragon who has had his treasure stolen by a greedy nearby kingdom.  You control your speed, swap between altitudes, and breathe fire down upon your enemies all while avoiding their projectiles and attempting to stay alive.


As I said, this is really the first game that I felt was complete enough to include here.  It was a 6 week project, and we had a team of 7, consisting of a designer, 2 programmers, 3 artists, and a producer.  We ended up with 10 relatively bug free levels and some pretty solid flying mechanics, and we plan on polishing the project later on.


This project was interesting because it ended up much more 3D than the team initially intended (that is, not at all), which led to some interesting challenges to both myself, and my other programmer, as well as the artists.

The Team

Matthew Rhine - Lead Designer

Jamie Hauer - Producer

Justin Mulkin - Programmer

Laura Reilly - Programmer

Lillian Vinson - Artist

Sam Shaw - Artist

Joe Masucci - Artist

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