My Projects


After the midyear cuts senior year, I transitioned from work on Halftime over to a new team and a new game, re[Mod]. re[Mod] is an on-the-fly weapon building arena shooter, developed in Unity. If you're interested in more details on re[Mod], just go ahead and click the image above.


Halftime was the first project I was involved with for Senior Capstone. It was an Unreal developed, third person wave defense shooter where you play as a member of a marching band defending your fellow band members from an invading horde of football robots. You use the power of music and coordinate with up to two friends in order to keep the band playing on. To read more about Halftime, just click on the image above.

Wasteland Overdrive

Wasteland Overdrive was the cumulative result of a whole semester's worth of work in our Production II course. It was a tactically intensive, strategy action game where you controlled a band of apocalypse survivors trying to drive north across the wasteland in order to find a safe haven. Go ahead and click the image if you want more details.

Kingdom of Ashes

This is the last of three projects done in my Production I class, before which I had no experience in Unity. As such, this is also the first of those projects that feels complete enough to put on here. Click the image to see more information about Kingdom of Ashes.