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As I mentioned on the projects page, re[Mod] is the on-the-fly weapon building arena FPS. It's a networked first person shooter developed in Unity, and is based around the concept of creating your personal weapon with parts scattered around the map.


To break that down a bit more, each player starts with a base weapon - a bullet mechanism, the standard grip, and iron sights.  Around the map are weapon pads that contain parts from one of four different attachment slots: the firing mechanism, the barrel, the sight, and the grip. From there, the player can mix and match different parts as they see fit - they could built a standard sniper rifle, with a sniper barrel, sniper scope and a tactical grip. Or they could build a grenade firing minigun with a sight that has the ability to mark targets. We have over 20 parts implemented, which results in over a thousand possible combinations for players to choose from in order to best represent their playstyle.


As I came on halfway through the development cycle, my contributions to the project were less backend focused and more focused on end user experience and polish. I did work on the damage indication, movement tweaking, and implementation of parts such as the rocket booster grip and the variable zoom sight.


I also did some work on making analytics tools for our designers to use - I created a basic heatmap utility that allowed Tim to make educated tweaks to the level based off of where each player was getting kills or dying in the level. And since our arena level had a good amount of vertical to it, the tool also allowed you to sort by the elevation level of the kill or death.

You can check it out for yourself by clicking here. A quick note, it currently only works on LAN, so you'll have to play on the same network as the people you want to play against. If you just want to hop into the arena you can force it to start by opening the console with ~ and typing "force-start 2".

The Team

Max Sanel - Producer

Charlie Carucci - Lead Designer and Product Owner

James Keats - Lead Programmer

Tyler Bolster - Lead Artist

Michael Manfredi - Artist

Justin Mulkin - Programmer

Tim Eccleston - Designer

Natalie Frost - Designer

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