The flu is finally gone. It did end up eating into a few days of the new sprint, but not the whole thing, meaning I actually managed to accomplish some things this time. The first thing that I did was set up a first pass at the gun glossary - a menu that lets you check each part and a description of said part, letting player get a feel for each part before they go into the game and actually have to use them. That was actually technically at the end of last sprint, and this sprint the first thing that I did is make a few edits to allow the user to see the part on the gun, as opposed to just the part.

I also spent a lot of time this week researching and implementing some analytics stuff. We are now recording kill locations, death locations, and weapon part combinations in order to get ourselves metrics on how often parts and combinations are being used, as well as where these kills and deaths are happening. The research that I did was into heat mapping - specifically, we want to be able to let our level designer, Tim, visualize where these things are happening in order to better balance the map and flow. Now Unity's analytics do have a heat mapping tool, but it's part of Unity Pro, meaning that I'm going to have to implement something myself in the upcoming sprint.

It feels good to be back in the game, so to speak. Finally being free from the sickness has been incredibly liberating, and I'm happy to be useful once more.

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