Neverending Analytics

This week was... a long one. Just to get the guff out of the way first, I did a few basic things to start the week off, namely hooking in a few of the fantastic animations that Tyler has been working on for the new character model. After that, it was all analytics. I spent literally all of my time this week creating an analytics visualization tool for Tim to use so that he can properly utilize all the data that I set up to output to CSV last week.

This turned out to be a larger task than originally anticipated. Originally planned was both a heat map (where you could switch between kills and deaths) and a visualizer for both how often health packs were used and how often each of the weapon pads was used. I ended the week with the heat map in a functional (albeit not so pretty) state. That is to say, you can definitely tell that the "UI" (aka some canvas text fields) were definitely programmer made and not the work of a UX designer. The features were definitely all there though - allowing for the user to check maps of both kills and deaths, and allowing for them to filter and check the maps by floor, since our map has about 5 floors worth of verticality. It worked, and immediately provided to us valuable data about where our player concentrations of kills and deaths were (namely, smack dab in the middle of the first floor).

Hopefully next week I have the chance to pretty the tool up a bit so it's a bit easier on Tim's eyes, and also get the chance to get in that health pack and weapon pad visualization tool.

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