Melee Attack Beginnings

Lets start off with the quick things. First of all, this was spring break week, meaning it was sort of an odd sprint to begin with. I did some more small things, like fixing a sticky key bug we were having and implementing a controls help screen. Then I moved onto the beginning of a melee attack for our game.

Now you'd think this wouldn't be to hard - that we would just have to do something similar to the guns and have a raycast out from the player, etc. etc. But let me give you some quick context first. Our melee attack isn't a damaging one. It acts more like a force push from Star Wars - a quick little blast of energy used to push someone away in the heat of battle to give you some breathing room. And boy howdy, did it end up being a much more... intense endeavor than I had originally thought. It has been chewing into my time, getting everything over the network setup, sending out messages properly, and having the movement handled correctly. I didn't finish it this sprint, but I'm hoping to get it done relatively quickly next sprint, as I think I'm nearing a breakthrough.

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