Melee Attack Pt. 2

I was wrong about being close to a breakthrough. Once again, the melee attack has considerably eaten into my time this sprint - for whatever reason I just cannot get messages to send correctly and players to move when they should. I can get it working on EITHER a server or a client, but never shall the two work simultaneously. However, this time I cut myself off, and was able to get some larger things OTHER than the melee attack done this week.

We now have a way to tell which team (or player) won, and well as letting the host control both the gamemode (deathmatch or team deathmatch) and the player count (4 or 6 players). This was actually pretty big for us, as we weren't sure if we would have to refactor a bunch of the game start code or not. Turns out we didn't have to, and we slid that stuff into the existing process.

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