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Wasteland Overdrive


Wasteland Overdrive is a tactically intensive, strategy action game where you control a band of apocalypse survivors driving across the wasteland in order to reach a rumored safe haven to the North.


This project was probably the highest scoped thing I've ever worked on. We were originally a team of 3 when we decided on the idea, but soon after got a 4th member. We actually got a fifth member (another artists) early on in the semester, but she unfortunately had to take the rest of the semester for personal reasons.


The way the course worked, halfway through the semester a number of the games would be cut, and the members would be dispersed among the other teams, allowing for the strongest games to get through, and then for their potential to be better realized with a larger team size. Well, we made it through that process, however only actually ended up picking up a single artist, and no other members. So here we were with a borderline over scoped game, and a team that was barely bigger than the original. We made due though, scaling back some of our grander ideas and tailoring our work more towards our teams strengths.


At the end, even though we weren't at the same level of polish as some of the other smaller games, we still came out with a pre-alpha prototype that we were happy with, especially given that it was a 4 month project with 4 members.

The Team

Matthew Makuch - Lead Designer

Kayla Sawyer - Level Designer and Producer

Robin Lloyd-Miller - Lead Artist

Michael Andreula - Environment Artist

Kyra Daniels - Artist

Justin Mulkin - Lead Programmer

The Trailer

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